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Applegate Oregon

Premium Organic Sungrown Cannabis

In early 2022, a father and son duo took over operation and ownership of the Remedy River brand and associated 135-acre farm with the mission of producing Oregon’s most Premium Organic Sungrown Cannabis.

Remedy River is an OLCC licensed recreational farm that is nestled in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.  Under the new ownership, Remedy River is dedicated to operating sustainably, using only natural and organic treatments; employing low intervention farming practices and promoting ecological diversity on the property.


Remedy River is committed to working with both distributors and retailers with transparency and integrity.


This family-owned farm successfully completed its first season in 2022. 


With access to an ever-evolving strain library of over 120 unique genetics, the team is dedicated to producing a wide range of flavor profiles of Premium Organic Sungrown Cannabis each year.


The team believes in working closely with the soil as the foundation for which the highest quality plant can be grown.


This year, the team undertook several projects including: the start of soil making on site, organic and all natural plant feeds, water conservation tactics and in-house plant breeding and cloning for the best plant genetics. 


These activities are all aligned to the owner’s philosophy of operating an environmentally sound and differentiated farm to produce Oregon’s most Premium Organic Sungrown Cannabis.

We strive to close loops, regenerate the soil, and steward our land with lots of love and passion. We believe the purest and truest expression of the cannabis plant can only be presented when grown in native soil under the sun. 

“It has been a challenging season, but nonetheless we have continued to pour lots of love and passion into the garden. Nothing but the best for the plants, the soil, and the planet, resulting in flowers that are nothing but the best for the body, the heart, and the mind.”


- Elijah; Co-proprietor and Director of Farm Operations


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Elijah graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Biological Systems Engineering. During his time at Virginia Tech, he focused his experiences around plant biology, propagation, and horticulture.  Post graduation, he moved to Southern Oregon and began working on a medical cannabis farm.  He has spent several seasons working on various cannabis farms where he continued to hone his agricultural skills. He has also developed a vast understanding of the recreational cannabis market, through his time as a bud tender.


Elijah is passionate about leveraging his previous experiences in the cannabis industry to grow premium quality cannabis outdoors using wholistic and regenerative farming techniques. He is always on the hunt for new and unique phenotypes that will offer a unique experience through extensive genetic tracking and plant breeding.

He also enjoys growing all types of vegetables and flowers along with raising chickens for both meat and eggs.  Elijah believes in living and farming in a way that is healthy for the environment.


Find him on the farm with his hands in the soil, nose in the plants, or feet in the greenhouse. Follow along with his journey on Instagram @wildman_genetics.

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Marc has spent over 30 years working in manufacturing across the world working with extremely diverse teams.


His broad spectrum of experiences range from quality assurance to business leadership where he has been an advocate for the development of people on his teams and the community. 


Marc is dedicated to his family and is thrilled to work next to his son on the farm.  He enjoys spending time outdoor, working with his hands and trying new things in the kitchen. 


He shares Elijah’s passion for using natural and sustainable farming techniques to grow premium quality cannabis outdoors.  He has a can-do attitude and a genuine interest to learn the intricacies of the cannabis industry.

Find him on the farm working closely with Elijah on farm projects, designing and building the next process improvement or riding the tractor tending to the field. Marc is splitting his time between Southern Oregon and Idaho.

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